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Business Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00am – 6:00pm (EST) | Saturday - 8:00am -12:00pm (EST) | Sunday: Closed

In this unparalleled comprehensive online course you will learn how to leverage both your personal and business credit to build wealth from The Credit Guru known for RESULTS! Truly turn your SCORE into borrowing POWER! (50+ Videos Included)

Understanding & Repairing Your Personal Credit

What you will learn:

You will learn how to read and understand your personal credit reports, your credit scores, how to repair your credit, what creditors use to evaluate the risk in lending to you, and more!

  • What is credit?
  • Why credit is important to you?
  • Why having bad credit is expensive?
  • Where to obtain a copy of your report?
  • Various types of credit reports
  • Installment and revolving credit
  • Credit Scores
  • How to raise your credit score
  • How to repair your credit
  • How to address student loan issues
  • Strategies for tackling negative credit
  • How to effectively dispute items
  • How to track your progress
  • How to get approved for funding
  • What lenders are looking for

How to Establish Business Credit

What you will learn:

You will learn the fundamentals of building business credit profiles for your EIN number not linked to your personal social security number. This includes how to focus on key areas of your business to look more credible to lenders.

  • What is business credit?
  • Why business credit is important?
  • What business credit is used for?
  • How personal credit impacts your ability to obtain business credit
  • How to establish business credibility
  • Business credit bureaus
  • Business credit scores
  • How to monitor your business credit reports
  • The Three “C’s” of Business Credit – Credit, Cashflow, Collateral
  • Establishing a good bank rating
  • Getting approved for vendor credit
  • Getting approved for store credit
  • Getting approve for cash credit
  • Funding programs cheat sheet
  • Mistakes to avoid

Outline – Credit Leveraged Lifestyle:

Credit repair is one of the most tainted industries in the country. This is widely because of social media and other marketing platforms that allow people without the proper knowledge, skills, or experience to obtain a large following without any valid credentials.

The Void

Financial literacy and credit are not taught in schools or colleges. This translates to many adults making poor credit decisions based on inaccurate information and lack of knowledge. Many credit repair companies have a business model that keeps their clients in the dark about their credit. There is no education or strategy provided. This is a predatory, but not illegal practice. It keeps clients constantly in need of services because they don’t understand how credit works, how lenders view their scores, or how to maintain their credit when it’s been repaired. Their behaviors have not changed. The solution to long term financial success, legacy, and breaking generational cycles of poverty is to give consumers the knowledge, resources, tools, and education to grow, make better credit choices, and to invest.

The Difference:

Purpose – I have a personal testimony that demonstrates the power of leveraging credit to not only impact your life but to create a legacy and break generational cycles of poverty. This is not just a business for me, it’s a passion and calling to educate people about financial literacy so they can strategically use credit to build wealth.

Experience – I’m one of only a handful of people across the nation that provide credit consulting services to consumers that have worked for a bureau previously. I’ve updated thousands of credit profiles from consumers across the USA.

Skill – I’m Board Certified and Credit Score Certified. This means I’m part of the National Credit Consultants Association that recognizes trained and creditable professionals in the credit repair industry. Many credit specialists who are working on consumer reports do not have this certification.

Results – Not many credit consultants are endorsed by lenders, other businesses, or real estate professionals. Due to our purpose-driven system, and desire to empower the community we serve, we’ve grown to be a trusted brand in this industry. Our credibility and results have earned us endorsements and referrals from lenders, brokers, realtors, and countless organizations nationally.

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Credit Leveraged Lifestyle

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